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Along the years of my life with computers, I wrote various piece of software for my own use and for my research. My basic philosophy toward software is that it should be free for everybody, that's why I'm making some of small pieces available for download here (the large software packages such as TFR are not available for download yet), in the hope that they might prove to be useful to somebody. They are written in various languages (mostly ANSI C) and reasonably well-commented.

However, since I'm not a professional programmer, I also feel the need to emphasis the fact that you should not expect too much. The code is probably neither optimized or user friendly (and that's the reason why I provide the source code for download, so you can take a look and do whatever you feel like to improve the code). In addition, here is the standard disclaimer:

The software are provided as is, and I, as the author, do not take any responsibility for whatever might happen if you use them, you are using them at your own risk. I do not provide any format of support for these programs, but I will try to fix any bugs reported to me.

The source code are released as OpenSource software covered by GPL 2.0. You are free to use, distribute and modify them. But you are not allowed to use them, either as standalone programs or as software components, in any commerical software or to make profit.

I also strongly recommend that you download, compile and install the recommended compilers/libraries. Some of my programs may require certain compilers or library codes to compile/function.