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Name Usage, Installation and Caveat Download
filelen.c This little program tells you the size of a file in bytes, it is useful in shell scripts when you don't want to parse the output of ls or dir Source Binary
mean.c This small program takes an input file consisted of a list of data, and output the average. I wrote it to process the simulation results accumulated from multiple runs, you can easily modify it to do other things. Source Binary This PERL script will extract the abstract from a LaTeX source file and save it as a plain text file. It will remove all the math delimiter $, the \command structure, and everything between a { and } structure if they are on the same line. It also replaces all the `` and '' with the standard ". Source
asctable.c Yet another ASCII table generator... this one also does key/ascii bi-directional lookup, plus the table shows control keys. Please note that for lookup keys such as "I" and "/" which might have special meaning for the shell, you have to use the quote charaters to enclose it. Source Binary
filecut.c My own file splitting program, this one uses a fixed memory buffer size, so there is no worry of "not sufficient amount of memory" type of problem, modify the source code for your needs (need cygwin1.dll). Source Binary
endian.c This simple program tells you whether your current system uses little-endian or big-endian date type. It also reports the values of a few common environment variables. Source Binary
reformat.c Chinese text file reformatter, use it to fit your Chinese text file to a specific margin (margin has to be even to allow for double-character information), useful for saving paper when printing long electronic Chinese text. Source Binary This is a shell script for converting Windows TrueType fonts to UNIX PCF fonts which can be used by XWindow. It requires ttf2bdf and bdftopcf. Please refer to my TTF to PCF Conversion tutorial for usage details. Source
epsbb.c This is a small program to output the Bounding Box of a given EPS file. Although the same task can be easily achieved by directly looking into the EPS file, this utility could be useful in batch processing. It has three output formats: BoundingBox, image dimension, or the %%BoundingBox line in the original EPS file. Source Binary
LaTeX Poster Template This is a template for writing posters in LaTeX, it is designed for ECE students in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and contains the UIUC log. I'm not the original author, and it has been modified by many people. Package
This is a shell script which acts as a wrapper for LaTeX, and a perl script which "fixes" the table-of-contents file. If you are a UIUC ECE graduate student, this is for you :-) might save you from going insane! rbform.tex is the latex template file for filling out the famous Red Border Form, so you don't have to beg a secretary to type it up for you. rbform.tex
This is a small utility that acts as a replacement for the MSDOS "choice" utility, which is missing in UNIX and Windows. Download choice.cpp for Windows and choice.c for UNIX/cygwin. This program is mostly useful in batch files for testing user response. C++ Source C Source Binary
settitle.cpp This tiny program sets the title for the current window for the Windows OS. Win2K comes with its own "title" command, but Win9x/ME doesn't. Useful for setting console window title. Source Binary
This GUI program gives you a preview how your HTML page would look by setting three colors: background color for the document, background color for the text, and foreground color for the text. TK Source Win32 Binary