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Name Description of Usage Download
Cygwin Cygwin provides a UNIX-like environment for Windows. It comes with a complete set of UNIX utilities and GCC compiler suite. It is OpenSource software from RedHat. Homepage Setup
C/C++ 5.5
Borland C/C++ Compiler suite, command line version with no IDE environment, only a 6M download, a very good compiler. Homepage
ActivePerl Perl distribution for Win32. It comes with install/uninstall programs and contains Windows extension of PERL. Homepage
Tcl/TK Tcl/Tk combines the easy of a scripting language and the power of GUI programming. It allows the creation of GUIs without learning the details of Win32/X11/Motif programming. Homepage
JPEG Library Independent JPEG Group (IJG)'s JPEG C codec library. It comes with excellent documentation, compiles and runs on a wide variety of platforms including UNIX and Win32. Homepage Source
H.263 Library H.263 C codec library from Roalt Aslmoes. It is based on the Telenor codec, compile and run on UNIX and Win32 (with cygwin). Homepage Source
FEC codecs A list of Forward Error Correction codes from the famous Phil Karn, including Reed-Solomon, Viterbi and Fano codecs. Homepage
RCPC codec RCPC codec from Igor Kozintsev, modified from Phil Karn's viterbi codec. Source
GIF Library C library to read and write GIF images, it does not write LZW-compressed GIF images to avoid the license issue with Unisys. Homepage Source