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Today's Rambling from Leiming
My friend Jun Su brought it to my attention that this homepage is...well, no longer current any more (that's a mild way of saying obselete). Okay, okay....
01/10/04 -- Leiming Qian
Updates to this Homepage
Date Update Log
01/11/041 -- Added a tutorial page about generating PDF using free software.
01/10/04 -- Massive (hopefully) update to the Friends page.
10/20/01 -- Added photos of John Rockefeller State Park to the Photos page.
10/17/01 -- Added a series of autumn photos to Photos page.
09/22/01 -- Added the UIUC thesis tutorial and LaTeX poster template.
08/10/01 -- Added a new mirror in
News in Leiming's Life
Date News Express
01/01/04 -- I transferred to Conversational Machines group, Research Division.
08/11/03 -- Qi started her new job here in Hatch Medical Center, Columbia University.
08/24/02 -- Qi moved to Albany, NY to start her new job in GE.
07/02/02 -- Qi got her job offer from GE Research Center in Albany, NY.
01/04/02 -- Qi and I took the marriage oath in Ossining, New York.
12/24/01 -- My girlfriend Qi and I had our wedding today :-)
10/01/01 -- First day of work in IBM T.J.Watson Research Center.