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Table of Contents
      |→ Generating PDF file using freeware programs
      |→ Converting Postscript to PDF without losing font quality
      |→ Creating A UNIX-like environment for Windows
      |→ Writing, checking, and depositing LaTeX thesis in ECE, UIUC

Although I'm definitely not a computer expert, I did learn a lot of useful things along the way, bit by bit, sometimes by sheer luck, sometimes by trial and error. I also love to help people with their computer problems, partly showing off, partly glad to see that things I know can be really useful to people I care, in some sense it justifies all the sleepless nights and frustrations I had to suffer in order to accumulate all these knowledge about computers. These knowledge should be shared.

There must be mistakes in my tutorials, considering my inexperience in both computers themselves and teaching. So please do email me about it if you found anything wrong, or if some part just doesn't make sense. I will thank you in advance for making this page better :-) And before you start, here is the standard disclaimer:

These tutorials are provided as is, the author does not take any responsibility for whatever might happen if you follow the instructions on these tutorials. They are not extensively tested and are provided in the hope that they might be useful to somebody or provide some insights.