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I am the kind of person who have a lot of friends because, well, I tend to be a good friend myself. Here I just list a few of them, so if you are not here and think that you should be listed, TELL ME!
Ma Lijun Ma Lijun is my best friend in undergraduate college, he is like a brother of mine. We spent five years together in Tsinghua, virtually inseparable. We did a lot things together, including writing a software package, a 128-km biking trip from Beijing to TianJin, co-authoring an award-winning paper, etc. He has now started his own company in Beijing.
Zhu Lei Zhu Lei "RapidFire Lady" came from Tsinghua as well. This is a very intelligent lady with a witty and rapidfire kind of speaking style, also a very straightforward type of personality. She is highly literate and very nice and even protective toward her friends. She is happily married to Jun Su and is now working in the Bay Area for Applied Materials.
Su Jun Su Jun "JiangHu Doctor" used to be in the Physiology department in UIUC but then made the smart move of transferring to the CS department here. A guy with a very agreeable personality, guess that has something to do with the fact he was from Beijing medical university---being a doctor requires a lot. He is now working for Microsoft in Seattle.
Xiao Shu Xiao Shu "GeGe" came from National Science and Technology University in China. This is one smart lady who always gets better scores than me in every course. One can't help admiring her for her intelligence. She is also the one whom you talk to if you want to know the latest developments about other friends of ours. She is now working for Qualcomm in San Diego.
Li Danfeng Li Danfeng "Panda Li" is the lucky guy---or shall we say the unlucky guy?---who has to deal with the smart Xiao Shu (who has also recently upgraded to GeGe, meaning Princess in Chinese). Ultimate nicest guy (I wonder why all my guy friends are nicer than myself???) very amiable and patient (he'd better be!). He is now working for Fair Issacs in San Diego.
Zhu Zhenjun Zhu Zhenjun "Alex" is from Tsinghua as well, but much younger than all of us, and questionably smarter than most of us (well, certainly in terms of computers) Excellent cook, perfect housewife---eh, househusband---type. He is now working for Microsoft in Seattle.
Chen Xu Chen Xu "The Kid" is young and clever and used to be a bit childish---a fact which may no longer be true because of the introduction of somebody new into his life. He is good at his computers, and he is nice and fun to have as a friend. He is now working for Veritas in the Bay Area.