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My first assignment as a research assistant for Professor Douglas Jones is to develop the Time-Frequency Representation Software package. It is an ongoing effort. You can find about relevant information here.
Project Motivation
Sometimes it is not enough to look at signals only from the temporal domain or frequency domain, especially for non-stationary signals such as the human speech. Thus, it is best to do a time-frequency analysis and look at the signal at a time-frequency grid. This software package calculates various TF representations of a given signal.
Project Information
This software package is written in C++ and fully extendable. It includes common TFRs such as STFT, WVD, Wavelets and various Kernels (Corn, RGK, etc). It accepts ASCII or binary data file and Matlab MAT file as input, and outputs ASCII or binary data file and MAT files. It is written for functionality and thus NOT optimized in terms of speed. It is a command line program with an optional Tcl/TK user interface. It supports all platforms where an ANSI C++ compiler is available (tested on Windows, Solaris and Linux).
Software Availablity
This software package is not fully finished but near completion. Once it is ready to be released, an alpha test version will be posted in this website. It will be released in both source code and binary executable format with full documentation. It will be released under GPL 2.0 as OpenSource free software.