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Name Usage, Installation and Caveat Download
getqtbl.c This small program will grab the quantization table from a JPEG image and save it in a file for later use. you need the JPEG codec library to compile and run it. Source Binary
raw2pgm.c This program adds a pgm header to a raw image data file, you have to input the image dimension, of course, requires image.h and routines.c to compile. By modifying the source code, you can change this program (and the following couple of programs) to convert between ppm and other formats. Source Binary
strippgm.c This program strips the pgm header from a pgm image file, this does NOT apply to XV generated image files! for that you have to use xvstrpgm. Source Binary
xvstrpgm.c This program works like strippgm, but it works with pgm files generated by XV, since XV stupidly adds its own comments in the pgm file. Source Binary
rawcrop.c This program crops a raw grayscale image with a certain window size at a specified location. Source Binary
psnr.c This program calculates the psnr difference between two images, they have to be, of course, the same size, and grayscale. Source Binary
rgb2hsi.cpp This program converts a pixel from RGB to HSI color format (rename rgb2hsi.exe to hsi2rgb.exe to convert the other way around). I've seen a lot of sample codes on the net, but this is a one which actually works. Source Binary
imglib C++ edition This is a collection of image processing routines written in C++, featuring my girlfriend Qi as the main author and I as the non-paid consultant :-) The library supports common operations such as color2grayscale, rotate, crop, resize, and advanced operations such as histogram equalization, automatic color balance, automatic brightness adjustment, etc. It currently supports RAW, PGM, PPM, GIF (read only) and JPEG image formats. TIFF and PNG support are planned. Source
C++ JPEG codec This is a simple C++ wrapper for the indepedent JPEG group's C version of the JPEG codc. It supports reading JPEG images and writing JPEG images with customized quality or optionally progressive images. It can be compiled in whichever system the IJG code supports. Source
C++ GIF Codec This is a simple C++ wrapper for the libungif C library to deal with GIF files. It currently supports reading GIF images (including mutiple-image files). It can be compiled in whichever system libungif supports. GIF output support is planned, once I figure out this license issue thing. :-) Source