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Everyday's Ramblings from Leiming
Date Ramblings
12/01/02 -- Another long, long due update. Well, nothing much really, life after school is still going on as it should be. I will pick up the work on this website, really, I promise...
01/05/02 -- I'm a married man now... can't believe it, but that's true :-) Just think about it, three major milestones in a man's life, all in one year... a degree, a job, and a wife :-)
10/17/01 -- I've been here in IBM for about two weeks now. Life is exciting and definitely different from that of a student... The autumn season in Westchester county is beautiful, check out the photos I added to this homepage.
09/23/01 -- I finally graduated with my Ph.D. degree at Sep 19th, 2001. My girlfriend Qi and I got engaged this passing Saturday. Next Wednesday I am going up NY, driving all the way. A new life is waiting for me.... This homepage will probably move after a while, but it will still be online.
08/10/01 -- In preparation for the event that I will graduate soon and this homepage will no longer have a host, I have created a mirror of my homepage. You can find it at: Don't mind the pop-up window, if you really can't torelate it, download a copy of NetCaptor and use its popup-captor feature.
08/01/01 -- The IBM house hunting trip was successful. I found a studio apartment to live, and the cost is not above my salary! yes, that's true, that's quite a feat in the Yorktown area :-)
07/18/01 -- Today I handed in the first draft of my PhD thesis, yay! It is not even close to being done yet, but that's a great first step, you know... everything starts from the first draft :-))
07/10/01 -- Well, Qi's mom has gone to Huston, where Qi's sister just had a baby girl :-)) Now I will devote my day and night on the thesis. No time to fool around now...
06/28/01 -- Okay, so I found the problem... it was my damned "generic" memory chip! who could have known? Anyway, got some new ones from Champaign Computers, now everything is fine :-)
06/25/01 -- Turns out that I didn't find the problem with my new computer, after all :-(( I spent so much time on this instability issue and it has begun to irritate me, what the heck....
06/24/01 -- I might have found the problem to my machine's instability problem... let's see what happens now, hopefully I got it this time.