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Step 5: Installing Useful Utility Applications
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We need small, useful utility programs to run our everyday tasks. Make a directory named "CmdTools" in your C: drive and add it to your PATH environment variable. Put all your tools in this directory.

First thing is a good command line FTP program. I personally recommend NcFTP. CYGWIN actually comes with NcFTP, but again it's not native, so you probably want to download the source and compile a native version for yourself.

Next is the command line web browser program Lynx. Lynx is fast and efficient because it doesn't display graphics. It's very useful when you have a slow network connection (modem) and want to get some information fast.

Then, head on to the Virtually UNIX page to get a ton of UNIX utilities ported to Win32.

One important tool common to UNIX administrators is PERL. Instead of using CYGWIN's own port of PERL, you can download a Win32 native port in ActiveState. I'm not a PERL hardcore guy, so I don't really mind all the saying about ActivePerl not being true to the spirit of the *REAL* Perl, for me, it works, and that's all I care. ActiveState also has a port for Tcl, which is another great scripting language that you should install.

The instructions ends here. For more informtion about making Windows look and work like UNIX, please check out the links page.