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Writing, Checking, and Depositing Ph.D Thesis in ECE, UIUC
Preliminary Tasks   |   Write Thesis   |   Format Check   |   Deposit Thesis   |  

The first thing is to get the red-bordered forms signed by the Ph.D. committee members and the department head. You can always ask a secretary to type it for you, but being a DIY guy, you can download rbform.tex to experiment printing it directly from a printer. Make copies of the blank red-bordered form and find out the correct spacing for yourself.

Go to Everitt to get the signature of the department head, they will want to see the thesis, and you'd better bring them a copy in a brown folder.

Before you deposit your thesis, you should know that there are two surveys that you would have to finish, plus a microfilm charge, and copyright agreement form and fees. So you should first go to the Thesis Office at any hour, grab all the necessary forms, fill them out, pay the $65.00 microfilm fee at Henry Administration building, get a certified check of $45.00 at your bank.

At the day of deposit, go to Thesis Office at 12:50PM, and bring with you the following:

  • Two copies of thesis in brown folder, each folder with a title page stuck at the front; one of the two folders should contain one extra title page and one extra unnumbered abstract page.
  • Two completed survey forms.
  • The completed copyright agreement form and the certified check of $45.00.
  • The receipt of the $65.00 microfilm fee.
  • The two original red-bordered forms.
  • The department thesis format-checking approval.

Congratulations! you have written, format-checked, and deposited your thesis, Dr. Whoever. :-)