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Joint Source-Channel Coding, as a basic principle of designing efficient and error-resilient communication systems, has a wide range of applications. Basically everywhere when Shannon's information separation theorem fails (which is: most cases), JSCC can be applied to obtain performance gains, especially with applications where there is a strict delay requirement (for example, videophone, video conferencing) and wireless channels.

Here below we show two animated movies generated by our preliminary JSCC system hardware platform (designed and implemented by former student member Mike Palac). The final system will use color cameras, and much higher frame rates, of course, and also you would be able to view a comparision output generated by a non-jscc-optimized wireless video transmission system. Please come back often to check for progress.

Hedi Krichene Michael Gastpar
Hedi Krichene Michael Gastpar

Special thanks to Michael Gastpar and Hedi Krichene for donating their faces (they are the guys in the movies) to our project homepage.